Language Comprehension Assessment

A little about the app…

For use by parents, Speech and Language Therapists, caretakers or anyone involved in a child’s communication journey. Talking with Tumbli: Language Comprehension Assessment is used to gauge a child’s ability to infer or interpret the meaning of abstract questions. The app is based on research completed by Blank, Rose and Berlin (1978).

Talking with Tumbli: Language Comprehension Assessment’s unique features:

  • Assesses a child’s language comprehension against expected age of development

  • Can be used for both assessment and practice of a child’s inferencing skills

  • Fun and unique pictures to work through to enhance understanding and engagement

An introduction to the levels…

The language assessment breaks the children’s comprehension into four distinct areas:


Level One

Labelling objects that are in the picture develops at approximately 3 years of age


Level Two

Describing less obvious features in the picture develops at approximately 4 years of age


Level Three

Making deductions or generalizations about situations develops at approximately 4.5 years of age


Level Four

Making predictions about future events from past experiences develops at approximately 5 years of age

Meet the scenes…

The app works through 6 scenes asking questions of the child with 4 varied levels of inference difficulty. The fun and exciting artwork in the app helps keep children engaged throughout the assessment. The assessment can be paused and resumed at a later date with profiles saved to the local device. This feature offers a comparison to gauge the expected age of development.


Intuitive menu for creating and maintaining profiles. Assessments are saved to profiles for later viewing.


The results can be reviewed in a bar graph or more detailed breakdown. These results can be saved to a profile for later viewing or packaged up read to be emailed.

How to use

The app includes a step by step guide to demonstrate how a parent/ therapist and child progresses through the assessment.


Intuitive layout to simplify the assessment process.

We hope you enjoy the world of Tumbli as much as we did when creating it. If you rate the app, it will mean the world to us!