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Language Comprehension Assessment

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For use by parents, Speech and Language Therapists, caretakers or anyone involved in a child’s communication journey. 

  • Assesses a child’s language comprehension against expected age of development

  • Can be used for both assessment and practice of a child’s inferencing skills

  • Fun and unique pictures to work through to enhance understanding and engagement

Our Story

Brought to you by a team of registered and certified Speech and Language Therapists (Pathologists) with decades of combined international experience from The Children’s Place Speech & Language Therapy in London, UK.

Experiences from the community!

‘Using Talking with Tumbli has been really beneficial in tracking my littles’ language progress’
Kristen, Toronto, Canada
‘My 4 year old loves playing on this app, as we’re able to gain the educational benefits while he has great time’
Harry, San Francisco, USA
‘Awesome, awesome, awesome!’
Dr. Ted, New York City, USA
‘Being able to check back on my children’s progress to see how they compare to their previous scores has been extremely helpful.’
Nancy, Toronto, Canada
‘Being in graphic design, I fully appreciate the engaging designs used in this app….and so does my 3 year old daughter.’
Rodney, Hong Kong